One Year Course

Due to the length of the course, the one year program provides you with the freedom to take on more lengthy and ambitious projects, allowing more creative freedom and more hands on experience. You will build a number of different instruments of your choice and be involved in many different types of repairs. You will also make all your own jigs, molds, templates, and clamping cauls necessary in the construction of your projects which you will take with you at completion of course. You will be shown how to run a shop and maintain the tools as well as customizing the tools to make them more appropriate for the trade, giving you the ability to be more self sufficient when working in a shop or running your own.

Limited Enrollment. Please submit the enquiry below for information on Tuition and applying to enroll in the One Year Course.

Materials not included. You may purchase materials from shop stock or special order materials.

One Year Course Enquiry