Eight Week Building Course

During the Eight Week Guitar Building Course, you will learn the start to finish process of the craft and art of instrument construction, as well as the philosophy behind the more subtle manipulation of tone wood. There are hands-on repair and restoration discussions ongoing and we encourage you to bring damaged instruments if you have them. Past students of the Eight Week Guitar Building Course have completed a steel-string acoustic guitar, a tele-style electric guitar and repaired an instrument of their own during their time here.

When the Guitar Building course concludes, each student will have a full understanding of the process and will have completed their own hand-crafted guitar or guitars that are strung and fully playable. The application of a protective finish will be discussed in depth and the student will be involved in the finishing procedure by doing the intermediate work, such as wet sanding between coats, pore filling, and final sanding and buffing.

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Materials not included. You may purchase materials from shop stock or special order materials.

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